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Palm Clock

* Palm Clock operates on handsets or PDAs installed with Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 or above.  Supported operating systems include Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.
* Palm Clock does not change the time on your handset or PDA.
* Palm Clock synchronizes with servers of the Hong Kong Observatory once every minute. Each synchronization generates less than 1KB of data transfer. Mobile operators may charge for data transfer service fee and extra data roaming charges for using internet service via mobile phone. Before using the palm clock, you should refer to relevant mobile operators about the service fee.
* Palm Clock is designed for use in Hong Kong only and its accuracy is affected by network latency.  The network latency of wireless network is usually larger than that of fixed-line network.  Palm Clock may be off by up to one second.
* No time will be displayed if the time of your handset or PDA deviates from the standard time by more than 1024 seconds (about 17 minutes).
* Palm Clock will automatically adjust for leap seconds.

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